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Just a few of our reviews...

Asked to remain anonymous

Just want to say thank you! You have given me more info and tactics than NCSA and I paid quite a lot of money for that!


Wanted to update you on my recruiting process. I went from having a few interested schools to having more than a dozen!


I just wanted to let you know that I just committed to my top school! I found your system and advice to be super helpful, especially the 10 words email. Thank you so much! 


First off, thanks for all your advice on recruiting and sending emails out. I have been using some of your strategies and started talking back and forth to about an additional 10 schools since I implemented your advice.


Thanks for everything. Had nothing before you came along, now I have many schools interested and about to get my first two offers.


You have no clue how well your tips work. These past few days have been amazing recruiting wise! Thank you so much.


I looked through your page and even though I've sat through countless recruiting seminars, I definitely learned a few things. Glad I subscribed.


The advice you gave for phone calls worked so well. The conversation flowed so smoothly and we were really getting somewhere. Thank you so much.


Gold on top of gold on top of gold.


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