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Effective Email

Hey - it's me, Jack.

Quick note before we go on...

I'm a straight-shooter.

Because there are a bunch of "super-dad-coach-of-the-year" guys out there giving terrible recruiting advice, we felt the need to share a lot of information on the recruiting process (and the product) to prove our credibility.

Meaning, this page is quite long - so we've created sections you can skip to in order to find the information that you care most about.

If you want to know the story behind the product, continue reading  :-)

Thanks for checking us out, and I hope we get to be a part of your recruiting journey.

- Jack


- Sections are in order -

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Who Effective Email is for - click here

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I wish I knew then, what I know now

If I knew all of this stuff when I was in high school, my family and I would have saved ourselves a lot of money and heartache.

Instead, we did what everyone else told us to do...what we were "supposed" to do.

And it didn't work.

We sent emails out.

We went to all the tournaments and showcases.

Heck, I even got invited to the Perfect Game National showcase (the one with hundreds of scouts and college coaches).

And still - nothing. 

So when I got a second chance at the recruiting process in junior college, I wasn't going to "trust the process."

I wanted something calculated.

I wanted something proven.

I wanted something that worked.

We devised a strategy around business principles.

Supply and demand.

Value proposition.

Equal partnership.

In a 4-month span, I generated interest from dozens of schools (no exaggeration).

I had to make an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the interest - the only fun I've ever had in excel.

It blew our mind.

I began sharing the strategy with teammates of mine, and they started getting offers, too.

And I thought - man, every player needs to know about this.

The problem with the recruiting process

What I didn't know - and what a lot of players and parents don't understand - is that going to a bunch of tournaments and showcases is not the best way to earn exposure.

Tournaments are helpful, and even necessary.

But you can't just show up and expect to "get noticed."

By the way - "get noticed" is a terrible phrase. Success in the recruiting process comes from providing value, not getting noticed. But more on this as we go.

The thing about tournaments is - the majority of the time - coaches are there to watch payers they're already in contact with.

So if you're not already in contact with some of the schools at the tournament, your chances of gaining meaningful exposure are low.

There are always exceptions - but who wants to risk their future on an exception?

If this is true, then uh-oh.

How the heck are you supposed to get exposure?

And this leads us to another problem a lot of players face in the recruiting process.

Most players think an interested coach will contact THEM first...

But a coach can't recruit a player if he doesn't know the player exists.

This means the player waits around for an email that's never coming.

And even if the player does email the coach first (YES!), the email is usually ineffective because the player doesn't quite understand the purpose of email and what the coach is looking for.

(and it's WAY too easy to include information that immediately disqualifies you)

So how do you make your tournaments effective and write emails that get responses?

The strategy that works

Your new strategy - the one that works.

Here's what we're going to do...

We're going to find schools in your talent range, identify the ones that are in need of your position, and prove your value to them with video.


You want to do all the coach's work for him.

Remember, a coach has to sift through thousands of players to find the dozen he needs each year.

Tough gig.

This is a HUGE problem for the coach that he must solve.

Your goal is to provide the solution to his problem.

He's hoping a good player emails him and makes his life easier.

So if you email a school that you're capable of playing at, you're doing the coach a favor.

Notice the shift in thinking - now, YOU'RE in the power position.

The coach wakes up on a Tuesday, checks his email, and sees a solution to his problem.

Cha-ching: response.

When I started doing this, my recruiting campaign took off.

One of the Oklahoma coaches said, "Jack, I wish everyone was doing what you're made my life so easy. It was the easiest plane ticket I ever bought."

But it's tough to know...

...what schools you're capable of playing at to find teams that need your position to make a compelling video to write an email that doesn't disqualify you immediately.

You won't have these doubts after Effective Email.

What is Effective Email

What exactly is Effective Email?

Effective Email is "do it yourself" online course that will teach you how to generate interest from college coaches in the recruiting process.

Why an online course?

We wanted something...

- You could do on your own (so you don't have to rely on travel coaches to "hook you up")

- You could do from anywhere (so you're not reliant on location to see results)

- You could do at your own pace (so you weren't rushed or held back)

- Affordable (so you don't have to pay for expensive database sites)

- You could do together as a family (because earning a scholarship really is a team effort)

But we don't want to put Effective Email into your hands unless it's going to help you.

Effective Email is NOT for you if...

Effective Email is NOT for you if...

  • You're not a high school or junior college player (or the parent of one).

If you're in middle school (or the parent of a middle-schooler), come back to us in a couple years :-)

  • You're not willing to invest time and effort into your recruiting process.

The system we provide works, but it takes effort.

  • You're expecting results that are not indicative of your talent level.

If you're a D3-caliber player, you can't expect to get responses from SEC coaches.

  • You're not willing to make the first contact with coaches.

If you're not willing to be proactive and initiate conversations with coaches, this course isn't right for you. If you're nervous about sending emails, that's okay! We'll show you everything you need to know, and when you're done, you'll be eager to press "send"!

If you pass with flying colors, Effective Email will help you succeed in the recruiting process.

Effective Email is for you if...

Effective Email is for you if...

  • You want responses to your emails.

  • You want to make your showcases and tournaments more effective.

  • You want to write an effective subject line in less than 10 seconds.

  • You want to know *exactly* what to write in your email.

  • You want to quickly make recruiting videos for free.

  • You don't want to pay for a database site.

  • You want to be in the driver's seat of your recruiting process, instead of relying on your travel coach.

  • You want an excel sheet full of interested schools.

What's included in Effective Email

What's included in Effective Email?

Effective Email is a 5-part video course - over 1.5 hours of content

Master the Recruiting Mindset

Build a bulletproof mindset to set yourself apart from other players, gain leverage, and earn the attention you deserve

Our favorite parts of this section (more included):

  • How to cater to college coaches and increase the likelihood they recruit you

  • How to remove the "fluff" in the recruiting process and focus on the actions that actually make a difference

  • A cool loophole that can open up more academic doors that weren't previously available to you. 

Create a Valuable List

Evaluate your skill level, find schools that NEED you on their team, and construct an invaluable list of schools that are more likely to respond to your email

Our favorite parts of this section (more included):

  • How to evaluate your skill level, and know what NCAA divisions you should be emailing

  • How to make mistakes in the recruiting process and still get results

  • How to find teams in need of your position that are more likely to respond to your email

The Perfect Introduction Email

The art of email - the exact ingredients you should include in your email, how to speak the language of college coaches, and how to increase your value.

Our favorite parts of this section (more included):

  • Which coach you should email for best results (and how to find email addresses)

  • How to email from a position of strength, and increase your perceived value

  • Everything you should include in your email to give yourself the best possible chance of getting a response

  • What statistics you should include in your email

  • How to write an effective subject line

  • What NOT to say in your email

  • Competitive advantages that will set you apart from everyone else

Send Compelling Video

How to capture, edit, and upload captivating video (with your iPhone) to win over college coaches and accelerate your recruiting process

Our favorite parts of this section (more included):

  • Edit and upload your video in 10 easy steps - we've designed this section for non-tech people.

  • Game video or practice video (and the advantages of each)

  • Skills each position needs to showcase

  • Examples of what a recruiting video should look like

*BONUS* : Troubleshooting - What to do if your email doesn't get any responses

4 ways to refine your approach and re-ignite your email campaign

Our favorite parts of this section (more included):

  • How to deal with non-responses

  • 4 things to check and adjust to get more responses

*New to Effective Email*

Actual Emails

Hey - it's me, Jack.

I dug up a few emails from my personal recruiting process to share with you.

I figured you might want to see what responses from college coaches look like.

This section is short, but will provide valuable insight from the actual recruiting playing field.

There's an extended "actual emails" section in Interest to Offer. It's about twice as long as the "actual emails" section in Effective Email, simply because the content in Interest to Offer lends itself more easily to actual emails sent throughout the recruiting process.

Some players have said this was their favorite section.

We've also included...

3  AWESOME PDF documents

  • 6 ways to increase the effectiveness of your showcases and tournaments

  • 3 steps to "hack" the recruiting process and start getting results TODAY

  • The 18-step game plan to navigate the recruiting process and earn a scholarship

Effective Email reviews

Reviews + Testimonials

"I have been using some of your strategies and started talking back and forth to about an additional 10 schools since I implemented your advice."


- Andrew

"I just wanted to let you know that I just committed to my top school! I found your system and advice to be super helpful, especially the 10 words email. Thank you so much!"

- Serena

"You have no clue how well your tips work! The past few days have been amazing recruiting-wise! Thank you so much!"

- Trey

"We loved the email course. The temptation is to spew out adjectives to describe how good your kid is but your presentation explained why this isn't effective."


 - Brian

"Thanks for everything, Jack. Had nothing before you came along. Now I have many schools interested, and about to get my first two offers."

- Kasen

"Wanted to update you on my recruiting process. I went from having a few interested schools to having more than a dozen!"

- Tyler

Buy Effective Email

Buy Effective Email



One-time payment





One-time payment


Save with a bundle!

Effective Email + Interest to Offer

*Only available upon first purchase of either course. You forfeit the bundle option when buying one course at a time.*



We'll offer you a 60-day guarantee on Effective Email.

Don't like Effective Email?

Let us know within 60 days of purchase, and we'll give your money back - no questions asked.

This means you can try Effective Email 100% risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program work for high school and junior college players?

Yes. This program can be used by both high school and junior college players.

Does the program work for both baseball and softball recruiting processes?

Yes! This program most definitely works for both baseball and softball.

Fun fact - Jack's sister used this same strategy to play softball at the University of Pittsburgh!

Do I have lifetime access to the course?


You can watch the videos as many times as you'd like, and you'll always have access to the content inside the course.

Do I get access to future updates or additions to the course?

Yes! As we learn more ways to help players, we add to the course.

You will have access to all future updates and additions inside Effective Email at no additional cost.

Buy Effective Email



One-time payment

60-day guarantee. No questions asked.

Try Effective Email risk-free.

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