The recruiting process is hard.

We've made it easy.

Instructive videos.

Step-by-step programs.

No database necessary.

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Live look inside Effective Email!

Online courses with videos and PDFs to show you the single best way to generate interest from college coaches and earn a scholarship.

Get responses from

college coaches

We'll show you how to use your standard email account to start conversations with college coaches.

Instead of watching for "profile views" on your database account, we'll show you how to bypass the "fluff" and establish direct connections with college coaches.

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Breakdowns of real conversations

We'll show you actual conversations that I had with college coaches, and walk you through the how's and why's.

If you've ever wondered what conversations with coaches are supposed to look like, you'll love this part!

Strategies for phone calls, texting, and social media

Nervous on the phone?

Not sure when to text a coach?

Curious if social media is the go-to strategy?

We have you covered.

We'll show you what to expect, what questions to ask, what tactics to implement...and MORE!

After watching this section, you'll never second-guess your communication skills with coaches again.

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Gain exposure at tournaments

We'll show you how to increase your chances of getting noticed at your tournaments.

Most players just show up and hope for the best - but not you.

You'll have a HUGE edge over hundreds of other players.

Example Situations

We'll walk you through real situations YOU might encounter, and how you should handle them.

After our courses, you'll be prepared for anything that comes your way in the recruiting process.

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