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For high school and JUCO baseball & softball athletes/parents

The most straightforward way to generate interest from college coaches and earn a scholarship

If you don't get at least 5 additional responses from coaches - we'll refund 100% of your money.

Baller Builder has been featured in, College Baseball Nation, the OC Register, NBC4, Flo Baseball, and a few others -- solidifying our reputation as one of the most reliable alternatives to recruiting platforms on the market. Our founder, Jack, has been featured in the NY Times, the Profile, ESPN's "Out of Bounds" with Bo Bounds, iHeart Radio, and The Watch List with Jayer Jackson.

If you're capable of playing collegiate baseball or softball -- and you want to play sports in college -- this system will work for you.

It worked for me.

It worked for my sister.

It worked for my teammates.

And it's worked for hundreds of other athletes -- just like you.

If you're a parent -- this system will be a lifesaver.

Those long weekends? We'll make them count.

Those expensive teams, tournaments, and showcases? We'll make those count, too.

Heck -- you might even be able to get a few of your weekends back, save some money, and travel less with this system. It wouldn't be the first time.

So who am I and what exactly is this system?

I'm Jack.

I've experienced what many kids have hoped and dreamed of.

I played baseball at Mississippi State, won an SEC championship, and was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels. Here's my
MLB profile. I've also been featured in the NY Times and the Profile (and some others).

I've also experienced what many kids have feared.

I was overlooked by almost every college program in my high school recruiting process, had my scholarship pulled after my freshman year of college, and had to bounce back to junior college.

Here's my point: I know every part of this process like the back of my hand.

I know what doesn't work -- and I know what does work.

And because there's so many "connected travel coaches" out there taking people's money and providing nothing of value in return -- I want to give you something that actually works.

Because the fact of the matter is...

I did EVERYTHING I was "supposed to do" in high school to generate interest from coaches and earn a scholarship.

- I played for a top travel team.
- I traveled all over the country for tournaments and showcases (even invite-only ones like PG National).
- I sent emails.
- I used platforms.
- I had "connected coaches."
- I had good stats in high school.

We basically replaced strategy with money, doing everything that everyone told us to do...

And it didn't work.

We were confused, frustrated, and heartbroken.

So when I got a second chance at the recruiting process in junior college, I knew I had to take a different approach.

I was desperate for interest from coaches, and I only had a few months to get it.

So I started testing different strategies -- like a mad scientist.

What if I do this instead?

What if I combine this ... with this...?

What if I word this ... like this...?

And happened.

A response.

I jumped for joy and triple-checked to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

I wasn't.

A D1 school in my inbox, interested in me as a player.

So I repeated the process...

Another response.

Then another.

And another.

Until I had so many schools interested, I had to turn schools away because it was impossible to keep up with that many schools.

Then I thought...but maybe this only works for junior college players.

So I gave it to a few high school players to test out...and here's what happened.

"Wanted to update you on my recruiting process. Went from having a few interested schools to having more than a dozen." - Tyler

"Thanks for everything. Had nothing before you came along, now I have many schools interested and about to get my first two offers." - Kasen

AWESOME. So it definitely works for high school players.

Then I wondered..."Baseball and softball are similar...maybe it works in softball, too?"

My sister then used the system to play softball at the University of Pittsburgh.

And Serena also had something to say about it: "I just wanted to let you know that I just committed to my top school! I found your system and advice to be super helpful, especially the 10 words email. Thank you so much!"

Let's go, Serena!

We could do this for hours, but here's the point...


Most parents and players guess when it comes to the recruiting process.

They're going to a bunch of tournaments and showcases without any real plan.

I mean, do you know exactly how you're going to get interest from coaches and land a scholarship?

Most people don't.

Which means you're relying on luck.

And there are hundreds of thousands of players competing for only a few hundred scholarship spots.

With those odds, you're basically playing the lottery.

Have you ever won the lottery, or know someone who has?

Yeah, me neither.

So instead of risking your future on luck, let's develop a methodical plan that actually works.

If hundreds of thousands of players are playing game A ... we need to play game B.

We need to separate ourselves from the competition, and play an entirely different game.

Because the fact of the matter is ... college coaches need YOU as much as you need them.

It doesn't feel like it because you currently don't have any LEVERAGE.

It feels like coaches are saying "dance monkey dance" and you have to obey because you have no other choice.

But you do have a choice.

When you build so much leverage that you now hold the cards and operate on your own timeline ... that's when the recruiting process becomes FUN.

When you get to turn away schools you're not interested in because you have 20 other schools begging you to play for their program ... that's when the recruiting process becomes fun.

Remember when I told you that we traveled to basically every tournament and showcase in the country, sent a bunch of emails, used recruiting software, and had "connected" coaches and it STILL didn't work for us...

That's because I didn't have leverage.

Now, fast forward to this moment...

You're reading this website page...

And I'm telling you about the system I've been optimizing, perfecting, and testing over the last 5 years.

I've taught hundreds of athletes how to earn interest from their favorite schools, and land scholarship offers from schools they've only dreamt about.

I'm talking the BIG DAWGS...

SEC. ACC. Big-12. Pac-12.

And based on all of my failures and victories...

I created the Baller Builder system.

The BB system works even if you don't know anything about the recruiting process.

It works even if you can't travel all over the country for tournaments & showcases.

Heck, it even works if you've never talked to a college coach before.

Bottom line is:

The BB system flat out works.

If you're good enough to play collegiate baseball or softball...


The BB system can turn your dream of playing college sports into a reality.

Here's a peek of what you get inside:

  • - The ultimate goal of the recruiting process

  • - The magic word no one talks about that changes the whole dynamic of your career

  • - How to separate yourself from every other player and stand out in a sea of competition

  • - A completely new way of thinking about the recruiting process

  • - How to evaluate your skill level accurately

  • - How to figure out which schools are more likely to respond to your emails

  • - How to make high-quality recruiting videos yourself for $0

  • - Why email works, and which coach you should email

  • - The primary reason your emails aren’t getting responses right now

  • - Should I put statistics in my email?

  • - The exact words to use in your email (and the components of an effective email to coaches)

  • - What NOT to say in your emails or phone conversations

  • - Special advice for freshman and sophomores (dealing with younger ages)

  • - The strategy that takes coaches from “sort of interested” to “I need you on my team, NOW”

  • - How to impress a coach on a phone call (and how to get over the fear of talking to him)

  • - How to use texting to your advantage (and avoid the awkward interactions)

  • - The BEST way to use social media so you’re not unintentionally hurting your chances

  • - How to gauge whether a coach is seriously interested or not

  • - I got invited to an individual school camp...should I go?

  • - How to use leverage to move the coach from “interested” to “scholarship offer”

  • - The ins and outs of scholarship negotiation

  • - Real example situations from players, and how to handle each of them

  • - What to expect on a school visit and how to impress the coaches

  • - Advice on making the final decision (from someone who’s been in your shoes)

So, how much does it cost?

As you can imagine, something this powerful is NOT going to be free.

And of course, there are other routes to earn that coveted scholarship.

You can travel all over the country, find one of the few coaches that actually has connections, spend a bunch of money on showcases & tournaments, hire a recruiting advisor, and hope for the best (it may or may not work for you).

Or you can get the Baller Builder system.

I want to give you an alternative option since there are so many money grabbers out there making empty promises like, "I can hook you up with a bunch of coaches" and "Our software will end your recruiting woes."

(All of the college coaches I've spoken to have bailed on software platforms because they don't work. I even looked into building a platform at one point, only to have dozens of college coaches tell me they just don't work for this kind of recruiting.)

At the moment, the price of the BB system is $197.

That's cheaper than the next bat you'll buy or the next showcase you'll play in.

I'm also always looking for ways to improve and upgrade the course. And obviously - my students will receive all of the updates and additional modules at no extra cost. Forever.

And so my promise to you is bold and simple...

If you don't receive interest (phone, email, etc.) from at least 5 additional coaches, I will personally refund 100% of your money.

Now, that might seem like a downright STUPID offer (for me) - but that's how confident I am in the BB system.

If you take this course and genuinely implement my systems and STILL don't get 5 coaches to positively respond to your emails, texts, or phone calls - I will refund 100% of your money.

You have my word.

I'm extremely responsive by Twitter DM (@jack_kruger_) for any help you need.

You must implement the system.


Have any more questions?

How long will it take to get a response?

You should be able to get a response within 15-30 days of outreach (depending on if it's a quiet period or not, and whether coaches are allowed to email you or not). 

How much money will I need to spend on software?

$0. We'll utilize free software for everything.

Who is this for?

Any athlete (or parent of an athlete) that is interested in playing collegiate baseball or softball at the D1, D2, D3, Junior College, or NAIA level.

Who is this not for?

Athletes in any sport besides baseball and softball.

What if I don't play for a travel team?

This system can still work. The best combination is some sort of travel ball & the BB system, but travel ball is not 100% required for the system to work. This system can drastically reduce the amount of time and money you need to spend on travel ball.

What if I don't have time to send emails?

Let's break it down.

3 emails = 15 minutes of work

3 emails per day for 30 days = 90 emails in 1 month with 15 minutes per day

You WILL see results by then, if not much earlier.

If you aren't willing to put 15 minutes per day in, then collegiate sports likely aren't a good fit for you.

What if I don't know anything about high school or collegiate sports?

You don't need any prior knowledge of high school or collegiate sports to make this work for you. I'll teach you everything you need to know.

"I have been using some of your strategies and started talking back and forth to about an additional 10 schools since I implemented your advice." - Andrew

"Just want to say thank you! You have given me more info and tactics than NCSA and I paid quite a lot of money for that!" - Asked to remain anonymous

"You have no clue how well your tips work. These past few days have been amazing recruiting wise! Thank you so much." - Trey

"The advice you gave for phone calls worked so well. The conversation flowed so smoothly and we were really getting somewhere. Thank you so much." - Cristian

"Gold on top of gold on top of gold." - Matthew

That's it...and if there's something you want to know...

Just hit me up on Twitter: @jack_kruger_


$197 is the current price.

Don't hold it against me if you come back another time and see a higher price.

I raise it occasionally.

Excited to see you crush your goals and dreams. College sports are as fun as people say they are.

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