"I just wanted to let you know that I just committed to my top school! I found your system and advice to be super helpful, especially the 10 words email. Thank you so much! - Serena

"I took your advice and have been emailing a lot of schools with ample video and a top tier ACC school has shown interest." - Charlie

"I have been using some of your strategies and started talking back and forth to about an additional 10 schools since I implemented your advice." - Andrew

Gold on top of gold on top of gold!"

- Matthew

"Wanted to update you on my recruiting process. I went from having a few interested schools to having more than a dozen!" - Tyler

"The advice you gave for phone calls worked so well. The conversation flowed smoothly and we were really getting somewhere. Thank you so much and keep doing what you're doing."

- Christian

"Hi Jack - I just signed up to play D1 Basketball at UMKC. Thanks so much for all of your help!" 

- Anonymous

"You have no clue how well your tips work. The past few days have been amazing recruiting- wise! Thank you so much."

- Trey

"Thanks for everything, Jack. Had nothing before you came along. Now I have many schools interested and about to get my first two offers."

- Kasen

Hey Jack! I just got done with the first video in the Effective Email program and WOW! It's great so far. I'm learning a lot. 5-star program." - Gabriel

"We loved the email course. The temptation is to spew out adjectives to describe how good your kid is but your presentation explained why this isn't effective." - Brian

"I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Effective Email and thought it was very useful. {...} I have been able to email 21 Division 1 schools with 7 different responses. Thanks for the current response success." - Jacob